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Real people selling real car parts at very competitive prices.

We stock a large range of parts for all makes of car and light commercials and any part we haven't got in stock we can usually get it within a couple of hours.

Have you ever had the frustrations of ordering parts on the internet and getting the wrong or even fake parts then perhaps give us a try. We only sell quality parts, and if there is an option on parts we can supply both. Plus with the added extra that you can return the one you don't use.

We will help in any way we can to make buying car parts easier.



We carry a full range of accessories in stock, lots of 3 for 2 deals so come and see us in store.

Sprays  |  Oils  |  Additives  |  Tools  |  Polishes  |  Seat Covers

Car Mats (specific sets) Only £24.99
Bosch wipers fitted FREE
Number plates made while you wait

Brake pipes made while you wait

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If you want it right come to Br1ghts

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